Greetings, Trailmarch needs original art! Thus if you (or someone you know) have mastered the dark arts of pixel art and would like to lend your skills to work on a RPG for the classic Amiga, please get in touch!

As Trailmarch is currently something i’m doing out of my own pocket, on my own spare time, I will not be able to offer compensation up front. What i’m proposing is a full partnership and thus an equal share in any future earnings.

Pixel Artist

  • Portfolio of artwork with relevant work samples.
  • Good understanding of the limitations of the classic Amiga.
  • Genuine passion and interest for the RPG and/or strategy genre of games.
  • Able to dedicate time to the project.
  • (Bonus) Background in the Amiga scene having worked on Amiga games and/or demos.
  • (Bonus) Professional experience having worked on at least one shipped product.

The style of art I am aiming for with Trailmarch is of a mature and gritty nature. Harking back to the days of the Bitmap Brothers and games like Gods, The Chaos Engine for example. More modern examples would be Blasphemous, The Iron Oath and Darkest Dungeon. I am happy to leave design details to the artist and i’m open to artistic freedoms, as long as the art is of a professional quality and keeps a level of consistency. I’m looking for a partner, not a contractor (if that makes sense). What I mean by that is, i’m looking for someone that will feel invested and motivated by the project in itself. Making it “ours” instead of just “mine”.